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Network Hub and Cable
Part-time contracting to help your agency get a handle on its technology. Bridging the gap between you and your full-time IT service provider.

Every agency needs a competent, full-time support team to manage their network, services, and devices. My role is to help facilitate a your relationship with that team.

I'll represent your interests and seek the solutions that fit your needs. Additionally, I can save money on some onsite services that fall outside the normal service contract with your vendor.


  • Inventory management 

  • Training and documentation/self-help 

  • Research and provide tech costs for grant applications 

  • Consult with vendors 

  • Liaison with staff 

  • Translation of technical concepts among parties 

  • Review compliance and security 

  • Understand the complexity of how non-profits work, and how technology fits in 

  • Equipment purchasing and setup 

  • Microsoft 365 tools and development 

  • Manage user accounts 

  • Intranet – build, maintain, edit 

  • Internet – day-to-day edits and liaison with vendor 

  • Troubleshooting and contract reviews with external vendors (Agency will continue to rely on other vendors for professional support of network, security, internet website, etc.; but I can manage those relationships) 

  • Other possibilities include: floorplans with network, AC power, HVAC and emergency routes; PA system; telephone auto attendant and ring groups; and physical security. 

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